Cancellation & Refund

Cover Charge

If you are unable to go on the event date, there is a 30-day window where you can visit the same bar or a bar of your choice listed with us and redeem this amount. If you are unable to do so within 30 days, we shall refund the amount after deducting 10% of the amount as handling fee.


Registrations/Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded. Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your booking details.


We have a no returns and no refund policy for any product sold on this website. If you have an issue with the product, please call us on + 91 9930056067 or send us an email


  • Flexible -15% will be deducted 48 Hrs before the occasion.
  • Moderate - 15% will be deducted 48 Hrs before the occasion.
  • Strict - On the day of the occasion 75% will be deducted
  • If for any reason beyond control, such as genuine transport problem, or flooding or any natural calamity that justifiably prevents the bartender from reaching the venue, you can use the same service within a period of 60 days without any extra payment, as the validity of your booking will be extended to 60 days from the original booking date.